The vision for All the King’s Horses Children’s Ranch began in Transkei (pronounced Tran-sky), South Africa. In November 1998, after almost a year’s mission in the village of Willowvale, Ana Lucore sought the Lord for His leading as to what her future held. As she meditated at her window, she realized what a comfort the mission station’s animals had been when she had first arrived there. They had been familiar friends in an unfamiliar land and an unfamiliar culture.

Ana found herself thinking of children in need of a home. Children who, through no fault of their own, needed a change of environment. Perhaps they just needed a chance: a chance to live safely, have nutritious food and adequate clothing and enjoy a nurturing family; a chance to know appropriate love and learn to love in return. Ana heard the call to go back to America and help the children there. 

From this experience, the seeds of the Children’s Ranch were born. In 1999, a non-profit organization was created, under the name of All the King’s Horses Children’s Ranch, and work began to make the ranch a reality. The name of the ranch was inspired by these words:
“All the King’s horses, His women and men, with the King, put broken children together again.”

The purpose: to establish a ranch-like setting as a refuge for abused and neglected children. 

When Ana Lucore arrived in Benson in 2000, she began her mission with needy children in the area, working from her home as she waited for guidance.  In October 2004, land for the ranch was acquired – 90 acres in Benson, bordering on the San Pedro River. 

During the first years, much effort by volunteers was put toward clearing brush and trash from the land. A singlewide mobile home was set up as home and office for Ana, now the Director of the Ranch. While she temporarily fostered some children in her home, space was limited, and the real vision of the Ranch was to build other homes on the property where live-in house parents could focus on providing support for the children. 

From the start, the organization determined they would place their trust entirely on God to provide for the finances and other needs of the Ranch. They decided to share their vision and wait on the Lord to move the hearts of those who would donate time, money or needed items.

The Ranch embraced a “Noah Philosophy”, meaning they would take each step forward toward their goal as God provided the resources. For example, they would not try to house the children until appropriate homes could be built or acquired, and suitable house parents were found. 


1999  --  Established LLC and 501c3 (non-profit)

2000  --  Established residency in Benson

2001  --  Set up first residence (in town) to accept children

2004  --  Purchased 90 acres in Benson/Cochise County

2004 - Ana Lucore moved on to property, singlewide (Pony) set up

2005 - The first doublewide home was donated and set up on the Ranch (The Palomino). Director continues to be foster 


2006 -  First home to receive children on 90 acres​

2006 - First houseparents Brad & Carmen Martin donate new double wide (El Caballo Blanco) and move into it to be First 

          Family. Director continues with fostering.

2007 - Children are housed and nurtured by Martins.

2008 - Martins adopt three little girls.

2009 - Barn construction started. Martins, having adopted five little girls, are a full-up family and moved to Tucson. Happy

          ending for Milluna, Lyla, Alayana, Chloe and baby Grace Martin.

2010 - Barn is completed. New Houseparents Billy & December Galloska move onto Ranch.

2011​ -  Katherine Mejia Chuck Wagon dedicated as reception hall for Ranch.

2011 - Licensed as a residential care facility with two homes

       - The Ranch acquired it’s Arizona Child Welfare License.

2012 -  Ranch is running at full capacity and needs to expand facilities to accommodate more children.

2012 - Contracted with AZ Department of Child Safety

2013 - Horse Program begins with donated Peruvian Paso. 

       - Obstacle Course at the Ranch is finished.

2014 - The Appaloosa home, was purchased and delivered, increasing The Ranch child capacity by five. This expands

          capacity to 15.

2015  - Park Model donation named “Filly”, in which Ana now resides (her very own space for the first time since 1999.

           Thank You, Lord.)
         - Newer Park Model donated, in which Lora White will reside when she returns from Bethel Bible School.

2016  - Beautiful new Bridge on property built by volunteers – sufficient to handle cars, trucks, bikes, and pedestrians.

         - The Ranch sewer project, Winning The Pooh: all permits are at long last approved. Cochise County Planning and

           Zoning, the City of Benson, Union Pacific RR easement, and Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality permits are in

           hand. This has been an expensive paper chase.​

​2017 - Construction of wastewater collection system and connection to City of Benson wastewater treatment system

          completed AKA "Winning The Pooh" project.

2017 -  Connected to City Sewer

2017 -  Licensed 3rd home on the Ranch

2018 - Donation of road millings so The Ranch could improve the mile stretch of Grapevine Loop to the property

2018 -  Donation of 15 passenger bus

2019 - Awarded $70,000 Legacy Grant for Workman's Accommodation Area, parking for 14 RV's exclusively used by

         volunteers  doing work projects for the ranch. Project to be completed in 2020.

        -Expanded license to include pregnant teens and their babies

​2019 - Awarded 70,000 Legacy Foundation Grant for Worker
          Accommodation Area (WAA)

2020  - Donation of 5th Wheel to be used in WAA

Ranch History

​​PH: ​​520.586.0267

"All the King's Horses, His women and men with the King put broken children together again."

All The King's Horses Children's Ranch

Ana's book: From Invisible ​is free for the asking. Click HERE for book summary