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"All the King's Horses, His women and men with the King put broken children together again."

All The King's Horses Children's Ranch

It will cost approximately $3,000 to start this program and approximately $1,000 per month to keep it going. We are praying for an individual or a group of individuals who can make the ongoing commitment to underwrite this program. We are happy to report that a donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged to donate the start-up cost as soon as someone commits to donating the monthly amount to keep the program going. For more details on how you can help please CLICK HERE. Regardless of whether you can contribute to this program financially or not, please pray with us for God to help us get this program started at the Ranch and for its continued success.

The Ranch plans use the Minis in the annual Benson Butterfield parade with the children leading them. With the big horses, it could be a threatening situation if the horse got loose. On the other hand, if a Mini gets restless or spooked, any of the adults in the crowd could easily take control. 

The children would also have the special opportunity to be involved in the local Mini competition events. We hope you can see how the Miniature Horse Program would be a wonderful addition to the Children’s Ranch. 

To watch some interesting Miniature Horse videos, please click on the links below.

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Miniature Horses can be trained to pull a cart. With minimal experience, children 4 years and older can safely drive a cart pulled by a Mini. Miniature Horses can easily pull up to 2 adults in a cart in all gaits. With the implementation of the Miniature Horse Program, when visitors come to the ranch, it would be so cool to have the children ready on the buckboard behind a Mini offering to give the folks a ride around the place for their visit.

One of the ways we feel the Miniature Horse Program can benefit the children at the Ranch is that guiding a young child in the proper care of a Mini encourages discipline, responsibility and respect. Working with a Mini builds confidence and self-esteem; important qualities that carry over into adult life.

Maintaining a Mini costs about one-tenth that of maintaining a large horse. The feeding program is basically the same but clean-up detail is much, much smaller. Care and maintenance for these petite equines can be performed safely by persons of any age, including children.

Everything about Minis is small except their personality and spirit. Gentle friendliness to humans is one important trait that is very common in Minis. These horses seem to enjoy human company, even that of strangers. Perhaps this is because due to their small size they are so often handled. Most adults have difficulty resisting the urge to pick up a fluffy miniature horse foal and carry it around while petting it. Because of their small size, Miniatures are much easier to handle than full-sized horses. A small child can look a Miniature Horse right in the eyes.

For this reason children who may be afraid of the standard-size horse are not easily intimidated by the small stature of a Mini. 

A Miniature Horse must be no taller than 34 inches, measured at the top of the shoulders, where the mane ends. A full-grown Miniature weighs between 150 and 250 pounds. Some Miniature Horses may resemble ponies however, the goal of Miniature Horse breeders is to create a tiny horse, with everything about it the same as a full-sized horse, only smaller. Miniatures should not have short legs, thick necks, or big bellies.

A Mini horse may be small, but is still a real horse. One acre can support as many as three Mini Horses. Minis tend to thrive on pasture, sunshine and room to run and play. The acreage available at the Children’s Ranch would lend itself to this. The tiny horses can also be put in barn stalls, but it requires stalls that are much smaller than those for regular horses. 

Miniature Horse Program Benefits