Claiming a Tax Credit When Giving to The Children's Ranch

​​The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit allows individuals and couples to make a contribution to an “Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization,” and direct where your tax dollars are spent and support local children in foster care. All the King's Horses Children's Ranch is a 501(c)3  Qualifying Charitable Organization and donations may qualify for a tax credit on your Arizona state taxes.

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"All the King's Horses, His women and men with the King put broken children together again."

All The King's Horses Children's Ranch

What does this donation and tax credit stuff actually mean to you, the Ranch and the Arizona Dept. of Revenue (AZDOR)?

  • To you, it means you can give a portion of your income tax directly to the Ranch.
  • To the Ranch, your donation will go directly into our Capital Improvement Fund.
  • To AZDOR, the State’s revenue is reduced by the amount you give the Ranch.

The State of Arizona’s designation of the Ranch as a QCO means that the State has reviewed and approved several years of CPA-certified Audit Reports that assess the financial health of the organization and demonstrate that the organization spends its funds prudently – consistent with its purpose of caring for disadvantaged children. 

Current Capital Projects in process and planned in the short term at the Ranch include:

  • Completion and furnishing for our new four bedroom home that will become home for at least six children who have been abused and neglected. - $25,000
  • Construction of docking spaces for RV’s that house volunteer workers. - $15,000
  • Construction of a school/chapel building. - $100,000

For further information about the credit please CLICK HERE.  If you have questions or need added help, please contact Jim Cox at 520.586.0267.  

All the King's Horses Children's Ranch is not a tax advisor and, as with all financial matters,

recommends our donors contact a qualified tax advisor for expert advice.