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"All the King's Horses, His women and men with the King put broken children together again."

All The King's Horses Children's Ranch

Ana Jean Lucore has served the Lord in mission work since 1993. Since that commitment, the Lord has taken her around the states and overseas. Ana believes the Lord will find her busy with The Children's Ranch at His return. "Blessed is that servant whom [her] Lord when He cometh shall find so doing," Luke 12:43. Ms. Lucore has two grown sons -- married to special women to whom she delights in being a "mother-in-love".  Ana's five grandchildren and one great-grandchild are a source of joy for her. Their involved parents bestow their well-nurtured love on them.

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Do you know anyone who has prayed to work with youngsters who the author calls Children-Of-Promise? Or maybe you have quietly thought, “I have wanted to start a ministry to take in children. How do I get started?”  This writing reveals the answers to those questions.

From Invisible promises to make a most memorable present to those you know who love to read. The book is available for the asking. Thank you for your genuine interest and prayers.

Col 1:15a [Christ] is the image of the invisible God….

Authored by Director Ana J. Lucore, this narrative fully discloses the ‘biography’ of The Ranch. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Ana was urged to relay the step-by-step process of how the invisible vision became a visible reality. With the aide of previous years’ schedulers and calendars, Ana describes the sequence of events of how this ministry actually took root.

Starting with the Lord’s call to leave Africa and return stateside to begin this work, the book lovingly depicts how God’s deposit of faith is sufficient to mount every challenge. The evident Hand of our Great Savior is seen on every page of this remarkable story – both in the good times and the bad.

Share the Board’s grief when one of their founding members is martyred by her adopted teen. And share in everyone’s joy when the author’s mother ventures to Arizona to make a visit of encouragement and unexpectedly finds a once-in-a-lifetime romance.

Has the Lord laid it on your heart to do something far beyond your ability? Has He given you a vision that is impossible unless reached only by faith? Have you ever wondered how a mission is started; how it grows; where the resources appear from; and how to hold the day-to-day vigil when your faith is sorely tested?

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