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"All the King's Horses, His women and men with the King put broken children together again."

All The King's Horses Children's Ranch

 Gift Cards to local fun destinations, some ideas:
     Sierra Vista The Cove Pool 
     Tucson Zoo
     Tucson Pump it Up 
     Desert Museum
​     Funtastic
     Kid Friendly Movies

ROUTINE GROUND NEEDS (The Ranch is 90 Acres) 
     Mower Repair - an ongoing maintenance service
     Fuel for Vehicles and Tractors (gas gift cards - Love's, Texaco, etc.)

PROGRAM NEED - Future Mini Horse Program
The Ranch has purposed to begin a Mini Horse Program for the children at the Ranch. It will cost approximately $3,000 to start this program and approximately $1,000 per month to keep it going. A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged to donate the start-up cost when someone commits to making ongoing donations equaling $1,000 per month. This can be accomplished by one individual or a group of co-operating individuals. In other words, if you would like to help fund this program but are not able to do it on your own, please talk with others you know who may be willing to each contribute a part of the monthly cost. When there are enough people in your group to fund the monthly amount to keep the program going, please contact the Ranch so we can work out the details. Of course if you are willing and able to fund this program on your own we would love to hear from you! Unless the Lord directs the individuals necessary to specifically fund this project, the Ranch feels all donations must continue to go to enlarging bed space so that we can accommodate more homeless children. Regardless of whether you can contribute to this program financially or not, please pray for God to help us get this program started at the Ranch and for its continued success. 

Prayer is a continual need. It is our hope that the children will come to know the Lord’s special love for them. Also, providing for the children, maintaining the homes, and meeting government requirements takes funds. We ask the Father to provide in every way.

About The Ranch

Since moving onto this 90 acre property in October 2004, our focus has been on erecting a community of buildings to lovingly shelter children on-site. We continue to work toward developing the Ranch for this purpose. A biography of our Christ-inspired mission is now available, entitled From Invisible, by AJ Lucore.

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